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This website is an expression of all that makes me uniquely me with a view to creating meaningful connections, collaborating in impactful work and sharing inspiring content.


Everything I choose to do in this life, both personally and professionally, is driven by mindful impact.


About me

As a natural visionary, I believe that effective marketing strategies, combined with conscious creativity and strategic design thinking, can help businesses provide real value that meets the needs and expectations of their clients. It was this passion that encouraged me to bring you RakshaMahabeer.Com

The networker in me saw me complete Entrepreneurial Development programmes offered by the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, the Standard Bank’s incubator programme, P&G’s Enterprise Development Programme and, most recently, EY’s Winning Women Programme.

As a proudly South African entrepreneur, who has been through many business development processes, I easily relate with aspiring entrepreneurs and offer unique insights gained through practical experience in my work as a mentor and coach. My qualification; a BA in Media & Communications from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, has been essential in my growth in business.


I am the personification of yin and yang. A sophisticated hippie of sorts!
The Goddess in me loves live music, drums, dance, travel, creativity, colour and the ocean. I also enjoy deep conversation, meditation and find spirituality incredibly stimulating.

I have been an entrepreneur for 13 years and the journey has taught me the power of lifelong learning.

I am a divine child of the universe and co-create my life with her, aligned to flow. In my youth, I was often described as a Queen with the ‘gift of the gab’ a natural communicator and conscious connector.


Creativity, play, exploration, teaching and learning flows through my being.

In my work with people development:

  • I consult on brand and marketing strategies

  • I coach entrepreneurs on business, brand and marketing.

  • I deliver masterclasses and facilitate workshops on the topics of:

    • personal mastery

    • personal branding

    • business branding

    • marketing

    • digital marketing

    • mindfulness

    • creativity

    • innovation

As a partner with SummerTime Creatives, I help SMEs achieve business success through intentional brand positioning and conscious marketing.

Work with me

Work With Me

If you’re keen on exploring a collaboration around:












Jayshree Naidoo, YiEDi

“We have had the privilege of using Raksha as a facilitator and programme manager. Raksha is one of our highest rated facilitators and she continues to deliver quality content. She brings a unique sense of purpose and fun to the classroom and her personality is infectious.  It is a joy to work with someone who loves imparting knowledge and making a real difference in the lives of the delegates.  I can whole heartedly recommend Raksha for any corporate engagement. Raksha is someone that can deliver at any level and has so much knowledge on various topics, I am sure that once you use her, you will keep her contacts on your speed dial.”

Margaret Hirsch, Hirsch's

This serves to confirm that 
Raksha Mahabeer, gave two inspiring talks at our Hirsch’s Fourways branch.
The passion for what she does is infectious. We wish her all the best!
If you have any queries please contact me directly on +27 827700007.

Tasneem Mohamed, Think SA

Raksha has been facilitating with and on behalf of the Think SA team for almost 4 years with diverse groups from youth to senior management levels across a spectrum of clients. Her energy, ability to hold an audience and subject matter expertise makes Raksha a favored choice for our clients and strategic training projects. Raksha is diligent, reliable and brings a creative flair and deep knowledge to any audience.



Contact Me

Johannesburg, South Africa

Tel: +27 82 923 5730

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